Sunday, July 17, 2005

Interview Questions, Web Services, Why Portlets and More

It is hard to get free time. This weekends I decided that I will not even think about my routine work which includes portals and portals and portals. But this idea didn't last long :-). Once I returned back to my laptop, as usual, I started to look around for something new on portals and found some interesting blog posts & websites. I hope these posts will be useful for my readers too so I am posting the links here -

If I am not the interviewer, these questions can help - IBM Portlet Programming - Interview Questions

Web Services are useful for portals. But how? Check this - Teaming Up Portals and Web Services. It is an old article. I don't know how I missed it.

Even I think that AJAX is going to be important for portals. I visualized about a new DOM :-) (check my post on jetspeed mailing list); I guess it is on its way - Microsoft gets hip to AJAX

Understand how to do WSRP in a better way - Best Practices for Implementing WSRP

Still you have the same question "Why portals/ portlets?", please come to me. I have one thousand one answers for this question. This is another's perspective - Why Portlets

Take a REST, man - On Iframes, WSRP, REST and Portals.

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  1. I have visited meebo and I certainly feel that it is really very good. Is it really the power of AJAX or some other more things?
    I wanted some more information as to how can I get those window like items on my portal page. the ones on meebo....