Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Broken Week

Finally I am able to resolve problem with my blog. Last week was the "HTML broken" week (rather fortnight) for me. The right side layer of this blog is a floating layer and somehow one fine day it stopped showing there and moved to the bottom right part of the long web page. As always with HTML/CSS problems, I had no clue of what happened. I deleted most of the last posts and changed the template but nothing was able to solve the problem. The blog was looking good in Firefox but on IE, everything on the right side was taken to down.

On the other had, at my work area I was facing the reverse problem. Some of my portlets were working perfectly fine with IE but not on Mozilla Firefox. This IE/ Firefox issue was killing me. Finally we were able to resolve the problems with our portlets on Firefox with changes here and there. But the problem was still there with my blog. Suddenly the idea struck that probably the last post on the page is creating problem. So I changed the total number of posts on my page from 30 to 25 and after that change suddenly everything was as previous, the life was back to pleasant and finally I was in position to post again on this blog. So soon you will see me back in action.

It doesn’t mean that I was not doing anything for community during that period. I have something very interesting and soon I’ll inform you. Till then - bye.


  1. I read your ITtoolbox Blog and came here to check out the problems you were having. My major problem is how do I get rid of the Ads by Goooooogle which covers an inch on the left side of your blog so I can't read it very well!

    And in IE, I sometimes have the font set on large and with it set on the large font, the right side of the blog displayed at the bottom of the page. Since it isn't as easy with Netscape and Firefox (CTRL and scroll button on mouse), I leave the font size setting alone.

  2. I have added one 'remove ad' link on top of the google ad. Just click on it and it will hide the ad. I am not able to solve the font size problem (in fact, didn't get the sufficient time), but I'll try to solve it as soon as I get some free time.