Thursday, April 27, 2006

Liferay and uPortal Comparison

I loved publishing comparison among portals and on this website I found another one. Here is the comparison, this time between Liferay Enterprise Portal and uPortal -
Liferay vs. uPortal

Also here there is a very good comparison among all popular open source portals i.e. Sakai, uPortal, GridSphere, eXo, Liferay, and Stringbeans.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

IBM Workplace Alternate

Analysts had long predicted the emergence of collaborative portals. Most of the leading vendors grabbed their research by both hands. IBM integrated its portal and collaboration software into one product called IBM Workplace. BEA acquired Compoze and Plumtree to achieve the same (though we have yet to see an integrated collaboration product from BEA. Perhaps because BEA lacks a product similar to Lotus Domino in its kitty.)

Rest of the vendors too tried their best to take advantage of collaborative portals and now we can see the collaboration/ team feature in nearly all leading portals. In IBM WebSphere Portal it is called Virtual Portal, in IBM Workplace it is Team Spaces, in Sharepoint Portal it is called SiteArea and in eXo Platform it is called community and so on.

I see only one major difference between the collaborative portal leaders (IBM, Microsoft) and the rest of them (Sun, Oracle, SAP etc.) and that is the availability of good out-of-box collaborative portlets. When we created SyncEx Collaboration Suite (a collection of groupware portlets e.g. e-mail, calendar, tasks, and contacts etc. ) we kept this in the mind. We wanted to create JSR 168 compliant groupware portlets which can work with collaborative / community portals and provide out-of-box groupware feature. We are presently working with major portal vendors to create full-featured out-of-box groupware/ collaborative portals. Hope it will prove alternate to products like IBM Workplace, Microsoft SharePoint, and InterWoven WorkSite MP.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Article on JSR 168

Article on JSR 168 Portlet specification by David DeWolf -

Introduction to the Java Portlet Specification

Friday, April 07, 2006

IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.0 Announced

After a long time, IBM announced a major release for WebSphere Portal. The new release, version 6.0, has improved in following departments -

1. Workflow (introduced a new workflow builder)
2. Content Management (unveiled IBM Workplace Web Content Management Version 6.0)
3. Electronic Forms (incorporated IBM Workplace Forms), and
4. Alignment with Bowstreet Portlet Factory (Now WebSphere Portlet Factory)

I have yet to check the new release, but seeing the press release not many new features sound interesting. I hope that they would have fixed lots of problems with IWWCM and made it a usable product now. Also I hope that they didn't integrate atrocious Portlet Factory tightly with WebSphere Portal. I would love to see what all other changes are there. For example I would love to see and better AJAX based look and feel.

Check announcement here.