Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Collaboration Technologies in 2004

Looking back to 2004 is on. You will find the reviews of 2004 everywhere. Open any newspaper, any magazine, any TV channel, or even a blog, you will find a backward glance on 2004.

No, if you are thinking that I am also going to do this too - not. I was actually looking for the blogs related to collaboration software. Here I found one very interesting blog by Michael. He has done the review of year 2004 from the perspective of collaboration technologies. Collaboration is one important part of portals now, and that's why I am very much interested in it. It seems that the authors is from MS background, so he talks more about Exchange server. Anyways, it is worth reading -

2004 in Review from Collaboration Perspective

Tsunami, Disaster and Me

I am quite regular when it comes to blogging. But due to time constraint, I am not able to post for the last few days. My last post was on 9th December i.e. around 20 days back. And it is the day when I had written first time about Tsunami, the content management solution by Oracle. That day I had no idea about the meaning of this dangerous word Tsunami and nor I bothered about it. But this word from my last post was probably telling something to me. And now I am much aware about it. I don't know what was it. Was it a correlation or a hint to an astrologer?

If you have no idea about it, Tsunamis are the killer waves that have swallowed life of more than 25,000 people in a single day. According to the rediff.com, an Indian portal, around 25000 may have died in Indonesia alone. The counting has reached to around 10,000 in India and it is still going on. 30,000 people are missing in Andamans, a small island of India. So the final count will be unimaginably high for sure. If you want to know more about Tsunami and the disaster, here is the link for details - Tsunami -- the killer waves.

So why I am writing all this on my portal blog? I know that I have very good readership and I want to request my readers to help the victims. Here is how you can help -

How you can help tsunami victims

You never now how many lives will be saved/ helped by your contribution.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Amidst the Oracle's effort of drinking my blood (yes, I am experimenting with 'Oracle iAS Portal 10g' for the last few days :-) ), Oracle today announced the launch of their new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology, Oracle(R) Files 10g. Like other infrastructure portal vendors, Oracle was also lacking on ECM front. Hopefully, oracle will be able to fulfill that void using this ECM release i.e. Oracle Files 10g. Oracle Files 10g (Tsunami) is expected to be released in early 2005. Check the news release here -

Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM)