Saturday, January 27, 2007

JSR 168 Portlet Development Guidelines

Drew Varner, Sr. Pricipal Consultant at BEA, has written a good post on JSR 168 portlet development guidelines. These are some basic guidelines that a portlet developers must aware of. He has also given examples to support his views. Here are the guidelines -

1. Always Utilize the URL Rewriting APIs for Content in Your Portlet
2. Do Not Append Paths to a Rewritten URL
3. Qualify Client-side Script Variables and Methods with Namespaces
4. Ensure Inline Client-side Scripts that Refer to Portlet Resources Follow the Spec
5. Always Declare a Content Type for Portlet Responses
6. Do Not Send Cookies from Portlets
7. Separate Business Logic from Presentation

Please check his post for details.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WebSphere Portal Express 6.0 Announced at Lotusphere

In the past, IBM discontinued the Express edition of portal. Today IBM has again come up with Express flavor with new attires. This time it is going to be an integrated portal and collaboration platform for SMBs. Other than all regular feature of portal, I believe that it will also have some out-of-box intranet features, so that SMBs can build and deploy their intranet easily. It also has some pre-built sample websites to pick and customize. You can check press release here.

Even though I am at Lotusphere, I missed the annoucement. I'll check more details today and post it here.

Other than WebSphere Portal Express 6.0, IBM also announced following products in Lotusphere conference -

Lotus Connections, Press Release
Lotus Notes and Domino 8
Lotus Quickr
Lotus Sametime 7.5.1
IBM Websphere Portal Express Version 6.0
Lotus Component Designer
Lotus ActiveInsight
Lotus Workforce Management

A brief of these annoucements can be found here.

I am at Sun Microsystems's booth showcasing our SyncEx Collaboration Suite on Sun Platform. I would glad to entertain everybody who is interested in these products.