Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Inter-portlet communication library

Good to see new codes in the open source library. Concept of Inter-portlet communication is nothing new in JSR 168. But having a ready-made API is a great idea. I have not checked it, but the architecture is matching with the one we are using internally. Here is the URL -

Check the library

If you check it, don't forget to let me know your opinion.


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  2. Inter-portlet communication is one of truly weak areas of JSR 168. It is great to see an implemenation like this.

  3. Here is IBM's proprietary approach

  4. Hi,

    I have an issue with inter-portlet communication. I see a portlet as one business application or like one unit of work. While it is fine to have the ability to have inter-portlet communication it should not be used all the time.

    It is my belief that a portlet should be independent. I should be able to pick it up from one page to another and even from one portal to another. However, when inter-portlet communication is added then two or more portlets will be coupled to solve certain business problem.

    I can keep talking about this issue but what do you portal developers think?

  5. Mansoor, I disagree with you re corporate portals or dashboards, which are unlike portals like etc.

    Corporate portals and dashboards are all about IPC and little if any personalization.

    IPC is in my view, the central feature and oddly left out of JSR168.