Thursday, January 22, 2004

Portal Software Market Share

Today I was looking for the market share of different portal vendors. I found few papers on net. What I concluded is 'Jupiter Research' study is worth to rely-upon. Although the study is now around a year old that means the equation would have changed now. But as I was not able to find any other resource, I had no other options. I hope to see more similar studies in future.

According to Jupiter's data, which shows Oracle in the top spot, with its software accounting for 26% of product deployments. PeopleSoft Inc. holds the number two spot, at 19%, followed by SAP AG with 17% and IBM's WebSphere, at 15%.

We know that picture is worth 1000 words, so here it is –

The study has given 9 % share to others. It is not clear which are the portal products in this category. I guess it would be covered mostly by open source software.

You can get the details from IDG News Service.

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