Wednesday, January 14, 2004

BEA Weblogic Portal 8.1

I found this article on javalobby ezine. The author seems to claim high pertaining to Weblogic Portal 8.1. He says that most important part of it is Weblogic Workshop.

Weblogic Workshop is and IDE for Portal development integrated with Webloig Portal. Oh, you said, another IDE?????? Author claims that there are lots of features that can be useful for normal portlet developer. The most important thing is the breeze and easy to use environment especially suitable to Microsoft developers.

For example the developer can just do some changes, click on Launch, and everything happens transparently behind the scenes, code is compiled, descriptors generated (they have a xdoclet-kind of tool builtin), server is started if need be or application is deployed, etc… and the browser pops up with whatever the developer wanted to see. ..... check complete story.

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