Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Easy to use portal

I keep getting the question that which (open source) portal should one use. The answer is not simple and depends upon the requirements. Today I got the similar email once again asking which portal is easiest to use.

Here is normally what I suggest to people -

  1. Looking for easy to use portal - Stringbeans, and eXo
  2. Looking for lots of out-of-box portlets - Liferay
  3. Looking for portal with extendible architecture and standard support - eXo
  4. Looking for good JSR 168 compliant portlet container - eXo, and JBoss

Though I believe that all the oepn source portals needs to improve on documentation front to make them really easy to use.

Update (June 30th, 2006): I received lots of feedback on this post. Based on that I want to make one clarification. In concluding above, I kept developer's point of view in mind and not end-user's. For example when I am saying "easy to use", it means easy to use for developers i.e. easy to deploy portlets, easy to adminster and easy to develop portlets etc.


  1. uPortal doesn't make your list. Do you have suggestions for what the project could do to make the cut?

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    What are your thoughts on the latest JetSpeed?

  3. I am also interested in knowing what your thoughts on jetspeed. I am just starting to delve into portals, and the three on my list to really look closer at are Jetspeed, eXo, and Liferay based on what I have seen on the web. So I was a little surprised to see it missing from your list.


  4. Adrian M7:29 AM

    Same with GridSphere. It's the only portal I've used, but seems quite good.

    Is there a reason it wasn't mentioned?

  5. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Hi, iam just starting to work with portals, in particular stringbeans. My question is there any way to know how to use AJAX in stringbeans. I have being searching but didnt find any good result.

    Please help..

  6. I tested all mentioned portals (except for JBoss but I will). I am testing with WSRP between many different vendors.

    Liferay is a fantasticly user and developer friendly portal, but when you want to use it with WSRP it works kind of edgy. It has a very weird way of deploying remote portlets (well, normal portlets are also quite stupid, you have to use ant and stuff).

    The other ones aren't very developer friendly too, especially not when you try to work with WSRP...

  7. It is stated that eXo is good. I don't think so. I just used portal 1.1.4 and can't be able to log in to the portal. No documentation..nothing. Even very hard to find the articles on eXo usage. Any idea guys?

  8. Anonymous9:46 AM

    i would recommend using pluto. doesn't matter if 1.0.1 or 1.1, because they both are marvellous pieces of software and pretty easy to use. especially the selfexplaining error messages are great for fast development.