Monday, June 12, 2006

JSR 286 (Portlet Specification V 2.0) Preview

Stefan Hepper, specification lead - jsr 286, presented the a futuristic view of portlet specification 2.0 (jsr 286 ) and its status in 2006 JavaOne Conference. The presentation is available at -

What comes next in the Portlet Specification V 2.0 with JSR 286

To summarize, here are the major working areas for JSR 286 -

  • Coordination (Events support, Sharing session beyond portlet application, Sharing render parameters across portlets)
  • WSRP 2.0 alignment
  • Better support for Web Frameworks (JSF, Struts, Spring, WebWork)
  • AJAX Support

For everybody's information, the committee is nearly done with the first early draft and it will be made available soon.


  1. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Is there any update on JSR 286 ?

  2. The Portlet 2.0 Expert Group has made versions of Early Draft 2 available at

  3. Working Drafts of the JSR 286 Expert Group

    PDF file

    Portlet 2 xml deployment descriptor, my post