Monday, September 06, 2004

How to implement WSRP consumer or producer?

It is often asked in our WSRP discussion forum, how to implement WSRP consumer or producer. WSRP specifications are new and there are not many resources available. WSRP specifications are there but are too complicated to be used as base document for WSRP implementation. Also no technical details and 'how to' instructions are available inside the specifications. Another solution is to check the WSRP primer by OASIS available at Though it is in the draft stage, still it can be more useful than the specifications.

The best solution right now seems to read existing implementations. For java, there is already good implementation available in the form of WSRP4J. One can download the source from CVS and study the code. It can definitely help in implementing WSRP in your product. Open source portals i.e. eXo, uPortal and Gluecode have also implemented WSRP. But most of them have used WSRP4J as their base implementation so one cannot find much useful information inside those codes.

I don't know any similar (open source) implementation available on Microsoft or not. If someone of you has any idea, please leave a comment.


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    The primer has been updated to v0.91.

  2. There is a nice wsrp consumer implementation written in .net actually. See article and code download at