Saturday, September 04, 2004

Clickmarks is back

There are only few tools in the market for visual portlets creation. I mentioned in my previous article that this market is hotting-up. There seems good market growth for this segment this year. Seeing the potential of this market, I am sure that we will see some concrete data from Forrester and other research firms.

Yesterday only, Clickmarks has announced it?s tie-up with Sun Microsystems. IBM has already collaboration with Bowstreet, a similar product company (Incidentally the name of both the products are Portlet Factory). I believe that after seeing the successful partnership between IBM and Bowstreet, Sun/Clickmarks didn't have any option. Few days back I heard a rumor that Clickmarks is going to shut it operations but it is a good sign of it's revival. Let us see what will be the end-result of this partnership. You can also check the press release here.

After this partnership, I see one to one competition for the market share. It would be great to see who is going to win - IBM-Bowstreet or Sun-Clickmarks. But in my opinion, IBM & Bowstreet have the advantage of time.

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  1. Clickmarks portlet Factory can also create Portlets for BEA Weblogic, Plumtree PS 5.0 and IBM Websphere plus JSR-168 portlets.