Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Which Open Source Portal Server to Choose?

Like with any other new technology, it is the most frequently asked question related to portals. The portlet and portal technology is now here for quite a while but I am asked this question so often that I decided to write here. If you will check manageability, you will find total of 17 open source portal servers listed. It is really not easy to evaluate all products and take decision.

I am now involved with this technology for quite a while. I am continuous in touch with Internet and discussion groups. So I decided to shortlist few portals severs that you should pay attention to. You can say it is my choice of portals. My choice is based on following parameters -

* Support of JSR 168 and WSRP standard
* The amount of work going on i.e. activity
* News being generated
* Opinion polls and reports on Internet
* My intuition

I have not worked with all servers listed here, but it is based on my experience with the portal and portlet technology. Here is my list -

* eXo
* GridSphere
* JA-SIG uPortal
* Jakarta Jetspeed 2
* Liferay

The above list in not in any order. I decided to write it, just to narrow down the initial choice. I want to repeat here once again that it is strictly based on my opinion and yours may be different. Anyway if you have different opinion, please let me know.


  1. Liferay's lportal have not WSRP yet?

  2. Liferay does indeed use the WSRP standard; check out Liferay's features

    Our newest version, 3.5, has a host of new features, including JSF support, and much more flexible CMS functionality. Check out the new features.