Tuesday, May 03, 2005

WSRP .NET Framework Latest Version Released

I am always a big fan of NetUnity WSRP Toolkit. I am pleased to see that NetUnity Software has announced the latest release of its product. Here is the brief of the release -

NetUnity Software today announced the latest release of its product for developing WSRP compliant portal-based business solutions using the Microsoft .NET Framework™. The latest release adds extensive support for ASP.NET™. With this release of the framework, developers can implement WSRP portlets using any number of ASP.NET pages including support for the form designer, postbacks, view state and event handling. Navigate or redirect between an unlimited number of ASP.NET pages within a portlet or re-use the same page in multiple portlets for extremely rich portlet content and interactions. Other new features include Oracle database support, SOAP tracing, advance session management, improved setup and streamlined deployment.

Check complete press release here.


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM

    And don't you know how to get a demo version of WSRP .NET Framework? I've already registered at netunitysoftware.com, but they didn't send me anything =( Can you please help? Best regards, RaTT. rattack@gmail.com

  2. Anybody who are requesting evaluation version of Netunity software should use his/ her company id instead of personal id (yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.) They have put some kind of filter for personal ids.

    -- Punit Pandey

  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Hi Punit, Can you compare Netunity with Aqualogic .net Accelerator. which one is the best and how. Please respond.