Tuesday, May 24, 2005

RAD Tools Are Back In News

Google has given me two news today and both of them were related to Portal RAD tools only. The first news was related to one of the biggest news making product on enterprise portal i.e. Bowstreet Portlets Factory. They have joined Bottomline Technologies, an ERP software company for rapidly creating, customizing, maintaining, and deploying Bottomline applications as portlets.

Another news was joining of Kapow Technologies and Plumtree Software. As I kept mentioning in the past, Bowstreet, Clickmarks and Kapow are kind of companies which can complement portal companies very well. In the world of outsourcing it is better to let companies work on their competencies and portal vendors are started understanding it. I am sure that we will see more such announcements in future.

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  1. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Thanks for the news and info.. I missed out on them.. But, why do we talk about plumtree when there are major products like websphere, sharepoint, weblogic and sun one (or even the sap netweaver).. could u highlight some latest news/info on these, esp. in India ... Need to appreciate your effort on really posting lot of vital info on portals/portlets technology.. thanks for updates.. .. . Bala