Tuesday, October 05, 2004


For quite long, I had not checked OASIS's website. Today somehow I got the link of WSRP FAQ and found it contains answers of many common questions (yes, I know it is FAQ). For people who don't know what is OASIS, it is the committee taking care of WSRP standard; in fact many web services related standards. WSRP is still an evolving technology and on my WSRP discussion forum, people ask very basic questions. Most of the people are not very sure what WSRP can do, what it can not, how to do that etc.

OASIS website has few very useful documents. These two documents are must read, if you are related to WSRP, in any ways -

You can have a quick glance on contents here -

  • What is the difference between JSR 168 and WSRP?

  • What is a WSRP Producer?

  • What is a WSRP Consumer?

  • How does a Consumer discover a Producer and the Portlets it offers?

  • What are the standard WSRP user categories supposed to mean in a real-world environment? Are there any generally accepted practices for assigning
    behavior to a user category?

  • What happens during the registration process?

  • Is it valid for a Producer to change the set of required registration properties after Consumers have registered? If so, how does the Consumer learn of this change?

  • Should a Producer respond with an InvalidRegistrationFault when a
    modifyRegistration() invocation fails because the required registration
    properties have changed?

  • How does a Consumer assert to a Producer an anonymous user (or that it does not know the user)?

  • What does it mean to pass a null UserContext to operations that take it for the purpose of filtering the returned data on the user information in the context?

  • How does caching work with WSRP? Will my WSRP Producer be overwhelmed by

  • How can user Portlet preferences be saved? What are the typical patterns for
    preference storage?

  • Can WSRP Portlets be used with other devices like PDAs or cell phones?

  • How does WSRP address security?

  • Can a WSRP Portlet introduce anything malicious into my portal?

  • What concept does WSRP have of sessions?

  • How does a Consumer's user sessions relate to sessions on a Producer?

  • Can Portlet session state be shared between WSRP Portlets that are hosted on the same Producer?

  • Are there any JavaScript conventions for use in URLs?

  • How do I generate Java building stubs, skeletons, and datatypes from the WSRP TC WSDL files?

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