Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New Version of WebSphere Portal

IBM is going to release version 5.1 of WebSphere Portal. The release is long awaited and I have still to see it. But from the available resources, following are the major additions in features -

1. Integrated workflow engine
2. Multiple Site Support
3. Improved Content Management (Lotus Workplace Web Content Management, JCR, Search)
4. Improved Document Manager (Tree View, JCR)

The next major release i.e. Portal 6.0 is targeted around 2Q05.


  1. >> "IBM is going to release version 5.1 of WebSphere Portal."

    How did you learn about this? Is there an article or press release that you can direct me to so that I can read more details?


  2. You forgot one of the key things... WSRP support will work with WS-Security based webservices... a big one for those looking to integrate secured webservices from applications like PeopleSoft.