Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Portletizing Existing Applications

Someone asked on Portlet Discussion Group about how to integregrate existing application using portlets. It is called portletizing application. Here are few of my tips. There are various ways to do it -

1. Put the entire application in one portlet. There are various ways to do this. But the easiest is to use iFrame.
2. Put the entire application into two portlets. Use one portlet as navigation/ menu and other work work-area. It will be a outlook like way. There are few issues associated with it. iFrame can be used in work-area portlet.
3. Task or Operation based portlets. Per portlet will do a specific task like "pay statement" or "emergency contact" etc. But it is nearly redesign of an application. Advantages of existing portlets and JCA connectors can be taken.

As I mentioned above, there are various ways to do this aggregation. But the best way takes the most time i.e. 3rd one. There are pros and cons of different approaches.

I hope it will be useful.

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