Monday, October 05, 2009

ColdFusion supports JSR 168/ JSR 286 now

Today Adobe annouced ColdFusion 9. I worked on ColdFusion long back and I am sure that it has changed a lot since then. I have not used Coldfusion for a long time now, but what caught my attention today is the support for JSR 168 and JSR 286 portlet standards.

Support for JSR 168/ JSR 286 in Coldfusion means that Coldfusion users can use readily available portlets like SyncEx with Coldfusion. It gives Coldfusion users more pluggable components as well as give portlet vendors like SyncEx a little more market :-)


  1. Punit,

    Any idea how one could get a coldfusion 9 portlet to actually compile into a .war? Something that would NOT require you running a licensed server under something like JBOSS? I am looking at this as an approach to develop portlets for Liferay, but I don't want to install CF9 as a server into Liferay...


  2. Jakub, I have no idea. --Punit

  3. Hi i am working on gridsphere2.2.10 portal framework. i am using apache tomcat 5.5.25 and installed gridsphere what is the p[roblem is my boss suggested me to do like if any one havingg account in linux machine they have to login directly with out registration . That's fine. i mapped all existing users to adminstrator 's account.Now i want to get username and password which are entering by users . I deployed some standard JSR 168 portlets. In that portlets i need to get the user name and password entered by user.
    But in gridspghere portlet source code i set a session attribute username and password . But in JSR 1768 portlet i m getting value null.If i am trying to set session as PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE build is giving compilation errors.HOw can i get the username and password from portlet container to my JSR 168 portlets...

    ANy help is thanks full. and i am trying from a long time...please help me

    Thanks and Regards