Sunday, June 15, 2008

Portal Polls & Surveys

Previously I used to publish the results of the poll "Which is the best open source portal server" regularly on this blog. I stopped doing that because it became more or less repeatative. Today while visiting the poll section of portlets forum, I found that there are certain other polls going and since it is a long time, I thought to put it on this blog. It may still help you in decision making.

Best Open Source Portal Server

Which commercial portal meets most of your portal requirements?

It looks like Liferay is the portal of choice for majority when it comes to open source portals and 'IBM WebSphere portal' in case of commercial portals.

If you have not voted you can also think of voting Portal Poll here.


  1. Given the absence of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as commercial portal solution ... I suppose you are targeting Java Portals :)

  2. That's true Jopx. This is a Java Portal poll.

  3. Jithesh1:21 AM

    Then Punit how can you miss out Vignette or Interwoven from these which are the leading vendors in Commerical Portals.