Friday, March 07, 2008

JSR 286 Approved

You would be happy to know that the JSR 286 is approved and the final version should be available soon. By the time, you can have a look at final draft here. I am sure JSR286 will prove a big leap forward in success of Java Portals. I congratulate spec lead Stefan Hepper and all expert group members for the efforts and hard work.


  1. I am a new bie to Portlets. Can you tell me how are portlets preferable over ordinary web applicaions or Ajax. I found that in portlets, the page loads every time we minimize and all. Can you also tell where should i begin to start with portlets and portal. I saw the demos at

  2. hi punit, could you pls tell me whether we can deploy a portlet page which renders a JSF page, which in turn invokes a EJB3 on Jboss portal 2.6.4 bundled version ?

  3. thats good that its now approved..

  4. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Hi Punit,

    Looks like you have a lot of queries from newbie developers helping them out with their projects :P.

    Anyways, this query is related to JSR 268, any idea when we can expect final release of this draft, and approximate timeline when some open source (preferably Apache) comes out with a compliant Portal server.

    I am planning to make a project on Portals, but if JSR 286 is as cool as you are excited about, I can wait for it.

    Amiruddin Nagri

  5. Amir,

    I believe that Liferay and eXo already support JSR 286, to the extent possible. You can use them.

    -- Punit