Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Portal Podcast

In the SharedInsights conference, me and my colleague Hari talk about key issues in portal arena like the need for portlets marketplace, lack of enterprise search and collaboration applications in the portal space etc.

Please check out the podcast here.


  1. Punit,
    I've come across your blog on several occasions looking for information on JSR-168 portlets. Right now, I'm stuck trying to find out how to print the contents of a portlet. Can you please direct me in the right direction? I'm pretty much shooting in the dark, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy blogging! Khalid...

  2. dear punit,

    i am very interested reading your blog about Liferay portlets....
    In my training, i want to create one portlet for databse addition, deletion, updation....but upto retriving data i did..but i dont know the logic to update and delete.....
    so can pls send any source code for that..?
    i dont know what are the files generated automatically and pls send any examples portlets rgarding that if possible...bye tc

    my id is :


    Rasikow Gnaniyar