Friday, May 04, 2007

iSeries/ AS400 Integration with Portals

iSeries integration with portals is one need that keep coming to us time to time. As always, IBM's product line is so confusing that it is very difficult to find out the product(s) that exactly fit to your requirement. On top of that, finding information on IBM products on web is not easy. As always their documents are so confusing and very difficult to find. So for the benefit of readers, I want to share some details on the products for iSeries (System i or AS/400) integration available from IBM. Following is the list of the products available for integration purpose -

1. iSeries Access Family components:

-- iSeries Access for Web

--The iSeries version of WebSphere Host Publisher

--WebSphere Host Access Transformation Server Limited Edition (HATS LE)

2. WebSphere Host On-Demand (a part of WebSphere Host Integration Solution)

3. IBM WebFacing Tool (part of WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSc))

4. Full functioned WebSphere Host Publisher packaged with the Host Integration Solution

5. Full functioned WebSphere Host Access Transformation Server (HATS) packaged with the WebSphere Host Integration Solution

IBM has vast information in it's (difficult-to-find) redbooks. I think these two redbooks are useful for this topic -

Redbook: iSeries Access for Web and HATS Limited Edition: V5R2 Hot Topics for IBM eServer iSeries Browser Users

Redbook: WebSphere Portal Express and Express Plus V5 for the IBM eServer iSeries Server

I hope this information will be useful for the readers.

If you aware about any source of similar information, please share with me.


  1. HOD, HATS LE, etc will only show iSeries frontend to the web. No integration possible.
    You can integrate iseries using HATS or WDSc toolkit using webfacing. Using HATS, development will be easier and faster. Using WDSc you will get a better integration and access directly yo the backend system.
    I have a lot of materials about this. Let me know if you're interested.

  2. Oooo! Yes, I'm definitely interested!!!