Monday, February 12, 2007

Process and Integration Portals

After the collaborative portals and groupware on portals, it seems the time for vendors to focus more on integration portals and process portals. BPM and Integration is suppose to be a main feature for Portals. Though Process portals are being discussed for quite some time now, but we did not see any release which is more oriented towards middleware and hence provides the tightly integrated capabilities for enterprise application integration, business process integration and single sigh on. Oracle has came up with much focused efforts in this direction by announcing Oracle WebCenter Suite. This is a welcome efforts in that direction.

You can check the release announcement here.

You can also check an interesting demo for the Oracle WebCenter.


  1. Puneet,
    I agree with you. This is one of the big pain area which many organizations will love to have as a solution from most of the venor and open source portals. For example say we need to show up data from BO, SAP BW systems which in turn depends on multiple processes of aproval, workflow etc. I would love to get involved in such communities where we can bring in value additions to the above.

  2. IBM has many solutions for this issue. They have integrated workflow engine in the portal for long time. Integration to SAP and other vendors become no issue, because they have ready to use adapter for those applications. For ESB and Process Integration, IBM provides WebSphere Process Server that has been there for sometimes.

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  4. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Hi all
    can any one help me regarding gridsphere
    i want to craete a simple database portal in which data retrived from database and it display on gridsphere page.

    how can i use jsr-168 in this