Saturday, January 27, 2007

JSR 168 Portlet Development Guidelines

Drew Varner, Sr. Pricipal Consultant at BEA, has written a good post on JSR 168 portlet development guidelines. These are some basic guidelines that a portlet developers must aware of. He has also given examples to support his views. Here are the guidelines -

1. Always Utilize the URL Rewriting APIs for Content in Your Portlet
2. Do Not Append Paths to a Rewritten URL
3. Qualify Client-side Script Variables and Methods with Namespaces
4. Ensure Inline Client-side Scripts that Refer to Portlet Resources Follow the Spec
5. Always Declare a Content Type for Portlet Responses
6. Do Not Send Cookies from Portlets
7. Separate Business Logic from Presentation

Please check his post for details.

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