Friday, August 18, 2006

JBoss and Liferay Portal Comparison

Liferay and JBoss are among the few popular open source poral servers. Here is another comparison between them by InfoWorld -

JBoss vrs. Liferay


  1. I'm in the process of choosing a Portal implementation and currently JBoss Portal and Liferay are the ones that I feel are up for the task.

    I therefore wonder if this post is still somewhat valid or if things has changed a lot with new releases (such as 2.4 and coming 2.6 of JBoss Portal).

  2. I need to import in Liferay environment some Struts portlet compliant JSR168. In particular I'm trying to import some portlets deriving from websphere environment- like SPFStandardClock. my problem is the following: when I deploy the portlet inside Liferay, it seems to work, then the portlet seems to be imported but the message that appears is the following: The portlet is temporarily unavailable".
    Could you help me to resolve this problem? It's very urgent. Thanks in advance.