Friday, April 07, 2006

IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.0 Announced

After a long time, IBM announced a major release for WebSphere Portal. The new release, version 6.0, has improved in following departments -

1. Workflow (introduced a new workflow builder)
2. Content Management (unveiled IBM Workplace Web Content Management Version 6.0)
3. Electronic Forms (incorporated IBM Workplace Forms), and
4. Alignment with Bowstreet Portlet Factory (Now WebSphere Portlet Factory)

I have yet to check the new release, but seeing the press release not many new features sound interesting. I hope that they would have fixed lots of problems with IWWCM and made it a usable product now. Also I hope that they didn't integrate atrocious Portlet Factory tightly with WebSphere Portal. I would love to see what all other changes are there. For example I would love to see and better AJAX based look and feel.

Check announcement here.


  1. It looks like there is going to be some nice additional capabilites of the Notes View portlet including it's companion the Notes Document portlet.

    I'm also interested to see what Ed Brill was referring to when he spoke of portal borrowing some of the Notes template concepts and the content management tools.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Websphere portal 6 is going to embrace SOA/SCA architecture and will integrate with business process. Recently I am working on websphere Enterprise service Bus and Websphere Process server both are based on SOA architecture and in version 6 of portal they are going to provide better integration capabilities with these products and other SCA based services.