Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BEA to Acquire Plumtree

Another day and another acquisition by BEA. The first question that came into my mind is about the future of Plumtree. Whether Plumtree is going to survive or it is the end of it? Different people do have different opinion. You can check few of them at TSS -

BEA to Acquire Portal Vendor Plumtree Software

Here is another opinion -

Another Acquisition

At this stage nobody knows the correct answer but here is my 1 cent. I believe that using Plumtree, BEA wants to enter into the market where there is no IBM ghost. Both IBM and BEA are strong infrastructure portal players, but IBM's aggression was leaving very little for BEA. After acquiring Plumtree Software, BEA will have new market as well as some more breathing time. It will also get hold on technologies like portal integration with dot net, collaboration services and content management services where BEA was not much strong till now.

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  1. The other reason that some people think for this merger, apart from the fact that the deal was good is peer pressure. IBM, Sun, Microsoft and SAP are infrastructure vendors that push their portal as part of their overall offering. IBM and Sun have their hardware, Microsoft controls the desktop and SAP leads the show in ERP. BEA has none of these and they needed something to stand out. Plumtree’s cross-platform (It supports both MS and J2EE based environments) ability gives BEA an opportunity to address J2EE as well as Microsoft markets.