Friday, November 19, 2004

Start Learning Portlet

I was looking for some introductory articles to give to our portlet trainees. But as usual, I found nothing really useful on Internet. Most of the good articles are vendor specific and not for JSR 168 portlet API. But I had to give something to them. I identified following articles that can be useful in click start learning of JSR 168 portlets -

Understanding the Java Portlet Specification

Developing to the Java Portlet Specification

Introducing the Portlet Specification, Part 1

Introducing the Portlet Specification, Part 2

Seeing such a slack of portlet development articles, I have started working on "hands-on" type tutorial on portlet development that I'll post here soon. Till the time the second article i.e. "Developing to the Java Portlet Specification" can be the good starting point.

Happy portletting.


  1. Good job, I am a fresh s/w engineer with a company in gurgaon, and your article really helped me get started with Portlets. I was given a chapter JSR 168 to study, which made me rather confused over the things. Luckily I banged in to this blogger, Good Job, Keep it up

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Any Luck with preparing JSR 168 tutorial?

  3. paddy@somewhere.ie3:59 AM

    Nice that you have a focus on JSR 168
    stuff and not specific implementations. Your site is very useful. Thanks.